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Shenzhen Ruilianpu network cable manufacturer introduces network cables and their standards

The network cable is essential to connect to the local area network. Common network cables in local area networks include twisted-pair cables, coaxial cables, and optical cables. Twisted pair is a data transmission line composed of many pairs of wires. Its characteristic is that it is cheap, so it is widely used, such as our common telephone lines.
The following editor will introduce the types and standards of network cables in the summer.
1. Types of network cables: There are two types: STP and UTP. The most commonly used one is UTP.
2. The standard of the network cable:
There are two standards for twisted-pair termination: T568A and T568B, and there are two ways to connect twisted-pair cables: straight-through cables and crossover cables. Both ends of the straight-through cable conform to the T568B specification. Each pair of twisted-pair cables has a one-to-one correspondence at the two ends, and the same color is kept consistent in the corresponding grooves of the two crystal heads. It should be used in the switch (or hub) Uplink port to connect the switch (or hub) ordinary port or the switch ordinary port to connect to the computer network card. One end of the crossover cable conforms to the 568A standard, while the other end uses the 568B specification, that is, the 1 and 2 of the A crystal head correspond to the 3 and 6 of the B crystal head, and the 3 and 6 of the A crystal head correspond to the 1 of the B crystal head. , 2. It should be used to connect the common port of the switch (or hub) to the common port of the switch (or hub) or the network card to connect to the network card.
When the horizontal wire termination is done in the generalized wiring project, GB50312 accepts T568B or T568A, but it is not allowed to install at the same time, usually according to T568B termination.

The above is the wire and cable-related knowledge that Xiaobian compiled for everyone in the summer, I hope it will be helpful to us!
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