Industrial camera horizontal to elbow network cable-network cable manufacturer

Industrial camera horizontal to elbow network cable-network cable manufacturer


1. Introduction to the horizontal elbow cable for industrial cameras produced by cable manufacturers
Ruilianpu industrial camera data cable custom processing service is the company’s main business. The main products of Ruilianpu industrial camera line are: cameralink cable, industrial Gigabit Ethernet cable, industrial camera usb cable, industrial camera network cable, industrial camera trigger cable, camera CoaXPress line, the products are fully compatible with major domestic and foreign vision machines to meet OEM/ODM customized processing.

The conventional length of the industrial camera connection network cable is 1.2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters. The locking end has horizontal screws, vertical screws, elbow screws, and three forms to meet the different needs of customers. Customized lengths are accepted, and the number is not limited. . Welcome to contact Ruilianpu Camera Connection Network Cable Company 13713857989

With the development of industrial automation, industrial vision machines have become more and more widely used, such as major industrial camera brands Balser, Dalsa, Hikvision, Daheng, Medvision, Sony, JAI, AVT, PointGrey, OMRON, Viewworks, Cognex, Baumer, Panasonic, PixeLINK, IDS, Ximea, Microscan, The Imaging Source, etc.

Second, the main technical parameters of the horizontal elbow cable of the industrial camera produced by the cable manufacturer
Product name: Industrial camera connection network cable
Connector type: M12 8PIN/RJ45, M12 4PIN/RJ45, RJ45/RJ45, M12 4PIN/M12 4PIN, DB 25PIN/M12 17PIN, DB 15PIN/M12 8PIN
Wire specification: 24AWG OD: 6.2mm
Shell type: PVC outer quilt

Third, the performance characteristics of the industrial camera horizontal elbow cable product produced by the network cable manufacturer
1. The high-soft drag chain industrial camera is connected to the network cable, which is wear-resistant and resistant to bending
2. Highly flexible outer cover, multiple pure copper conductors, multi-layer shielding,
3. Signal stable and high-speed transmission
4. Has good noise resistance and bending characteristics, as well as outstanding transmission performance and mobile durability
5. With oil-resistant outer layer, it can be used in special industrial environments
6. Comply with environmental ISO certification and RoHS directive
7. Suitable for various industrial automation drag chain environments, robot arms, etc.

Fourth, the industrial camera produced by the network cable manufacturer can be customized horizontally to the elbow cable product
1. 1/3/5/8/10 meters (various lengths can be customized)
2. Customized bayonet fixation or screw fixation
3. Elbow connection or straight plug
4. One-piece injection molded connector end or use assembled shell
5. OEM customization

5. Application range of industrial camera connection network cable products
Applicable brands: Congex (IS2000, IS7000, IS8000)